The Reasons Why We Love Earrings.

There are so many choices in earring styles — just go to the jewelry section in any of your favorite stores, and you can find a new pair of earrings to wear every day of the year! But we all have our favorite types of earrings: The ones we continually go back to.

Sure, hoop earrings had their moment, only to go out of style and then come back in again, but there are those all-the-time hoop earring wearers who don’t give a second thought to whether or not they’re in fashion. These dangling circles are a true staple for some women! Then there are those who prefer simple studs, keeping their ear lobes light and carefree. Other (more adventurous souls) prefer to wear gauges to complete an outfit. And then there are the classic, affluent diamond earring wearers who know the value of some good, old-fashioned earwear. But whatever your favorite type of earring, there’s probably plenty to say about you based on the choices you make.

Of course, you’re likely to find that you wear a combination of all these styles, and therefore you possess a combination of each of these personalities — because none of us are just one thing. Nevertheless, here’s what your earring-sign, like your star sign, speaks about you. Granted, this is just my take on accessorizing as a means to self-expression. Because obviously, it’s a great and fashionable tool for just that!
You are the woman with tons of friends. Your social life is your life. Just like the shape of your earrings, you’re open to new experiences and love meeting new people. You have a big personality, and more than likely, you always have lots to say. Whenever there’s a social gathering, you are typically the life of the party, and with your sass and big smile, it’s no wonder people want to be around you.


(1) Less is More! You do not need to wear a necklace with these. Depending on the size of the earring, avoid wearing anything close to the neck that will overwhelm your face.

(2) Be Bold. Kinda sounds like we’re contradicting ourselves from the tip above, but If you are going to try this trend, be bold with it! Try a fun colour or a long drop earring.

(3) Avoid being too matchy! If you are wearing a pink dress, try wearing a cream or gold toned earring. Too much matching can look overwhelming to the eye.

(4) Choose a length or size that suits your face. If you have a round or square face, try an earring that is long and narrow. If you have an oval face, lucky you, you can try any shape!

(5) Experiment with your hair! That’s right, you bought ’em so show them off! Try a high ponytail or a messy bun to show off those pretty new earrings.

Diamond earrings combine classic style and timeless elegance, making them a piece of jewelry that you will wear and love forever. No matter what your personal style is, there is a pair of diamond earrings for you. lets you customize the stones, setting, and style to create your dream piece of jewelry. Whether you’re searching for earring for yourself or looking for the perfect gift baskets, diamond earrings are always the right choice.

This year, dangle diamond earrings are everywhere. Celebrities love the vintage vibe that radiates from these elegant styles. We offer nine shapes to choose from, including round, hearts and arrows, princess, cushion, asscher, emerald, marquise, oval, and pear. Each shape gives a pair of earrings a unique look that sets them apart from other pieces of jewelry that you may own. Round, princess, and cushion have a more traditional look, while the marquise, emerald, or pear stand out as trendier styles. Check out our beautiful collection of dangle diamond earrings.


Once you have selected the shape of the stone for your new diamond earrings, you can customize the setting style that they come in. From simple, diamond encrusted drop looks to a halo setting; there are many options to choose from. The setting will affect the how large the stone looks, as well as how secure the backings of the earrings are.

One of the most noticeable aspects of a pair of earrings is the type of metal that the diamonds are set in. You can choose from 14k white, yellow, or rose gold, 18k white or yellow gold, and platinum. The metal can completely transform the look of a pair of earrings. White gold and platinum have a more modern look, while yellow and rose gold harken back to a vintage era. Whatever metal you select, your earrings are sure to pair perfectly with a wide variety of looks.

The final choice is the size and quality of the center diamond. This option allows you pick your price range and rests assure that you are receiving a precious piece of jewelry. From 0.25 ct total weight to 2.00 ct total weight, there is a stone for every budget.

Have fun customizing a pair of brilliant dangle diamond earrings for yourself or someone you love, and know that you will receive a pair of earrings that are exactly what you were looking for.