Today we will reflect upon his life cycle and ventures to date we will also give you career details about Elijah sommerz and more.

Entrepreneur ratings:

Highest Rating:  (88%) J stone Management Group & co (2016-Present Affirmation-Record Label) –shorturl.at/wzCO6


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Overall Rating

●     9-10 )- 3

●     3)-5

●     7-8)-5

●     3-N/a

●     5-6)-N/a

●     2-N/a

●     3-4

●     2-)N/A



By Topic

●     Pros and Cons (9)

●     Likelihood to Recommend (9)

●     Return on Investment (9)

●     Use Cases and Deployment Scope (9)

●     Alternatives Considered (7)

●     Feature Ratings (5)

●     Likelihood to Renew (4)

●     Other Software Used (4)

●     Key Differentiators (1)

●     Products Replaced (1)

●     Usability (1)

●     Support (1)


Lowest Rating:  – Elijah sommerz is currently the vice chair-man of an online streaming corporation Called Worldwide Entertainment TV ( WWETV,shorturl.at/vLW28

Birthday: DEC 22, 1991

Birthplace: Toronto, Ca


ELIJAH SOMMERZ Overall is Networking Guru and Technology guru who is employed as a Full Time serial Entrepreneur [REF] http://www.thewrits.com/entertainment/the-characteristics-of-successful-entrepreneur-3795 who is also a Talent Manager he’s currently an active modern day Investor who is also a raising public figure for being an Antagonistic Advocate for social justice for Afrocentric Canadians.


Robert Vernon also  known as Elijah Sommerz is the First Afrocentric Canadian to be noted as a public figure for conducting a convocation with the United Nations Group Experts on the underlying constitutionality within the corrections & competition Acts.

 MR Robert Elijah Sommerz Vernon to advocate at the meeting.Currently He is an talent manager that manages artists and other human resources related applicants. [REF]- https://www.skygeneration.ca/2019/12/13/biopedia-on-elijah-sommerz/

The Toronto native is the next generation of hip-hop Artists from the 6ix .

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