Knoebels ticket and pricing guide-Secrets to Know before you Go!

Knoebels Travel Tips and Tricks
Knoebels allows that you bring food in.
But you wouldn’t want to bring your own food. we find their food to be very reasonably priced and incredibly good. These are known for having better food than most carnivals and win awards for it. They host spaghetti dinners, fish frys and have even a full-service restaurant during the park. I saw some allergy information posted at some food stands but didn’t see any carb counts (for T1 families) anywhere.

Not all of the food stands take credit cards so have cash. Same goes for the ticket booths, some only take cash. The tickets you get will surely be valid for rides, not food. There are food tickets, but usually, those can be purchased within a company picnic or family reunion.

One of our favorite things about Knoebels is the countless rides for children. Their kiddie ride section is the better!
You can buy an all-day ride pass or tickets. The tickets look a similar as they did 50 years ago and they never expire. We are now getting to the point that my one son gets an all-day ride pass and the rest of us get tickets to participate in him whenever we want to on a ride.

They have several “scary” or more teen-oriented rides too, so there is something for everybody. You know how the price of one admission to most amusement parks is about $60 or more? That’s usually everything we conclude spending, total, for our whole family, all day long.

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frog ride at knoebels
There are plenty of shade trees and other choices to escape the hot sun, including a nice swimming pool.
You can still reach for the brass ring on the Merry Go Round.
reach for brass ring

Knoebels Coupons and Discounts
If you are looking for ways to save money, Knoebels does released discounts each summer.

Knoebels prices are somewhat different from other amusement parks. Admission is free and so is parking and the entertainment. What the visitors pay for are the rides which include pay one price for unlimited access.

Below are the latest Knoebels ticket prices 2022.


Ride Ticket Books

$5.00 Ride Ticket Book (Voucher) $5.00
$10.00 Ride Ticket Book (Voucher) $10.00
$20.00 Ride Ticket Book (Voucher) $20.00
$150.00 Ride Ticket Book Package (7-$20 & 1-$10 @ 10% off!) $135.00
$500.00 Ride Ticket Book Package (25 – $20 Books @ 20% off!) $400.00

There are five roller coasters in Knoebels, and there are also two carousels, the Grand Carousel and one at Kiddieland. You can also find two trains in the park, Old Smokey, a mini steam locomotive, and the Pioneer, a railroad that runs from the park’s edge all the way to a wooded section where visitors can benefit from the wildlife.

You will find plenty of benches for resting.
knoebels bench
There are plenty of out of the way places to get away from people and noise for a few quiet time. One in our favorite downtime spots is in the rear of the park, behind the blacksmith and the woodcarvers. They may have restrooms and benches back there but it’s at one end of the park so it’s usually pretty quiet. We go to numerous theme parks, and Personally i think less crowded in only at that one. It feels less overwhelming and like we have more space-from a sensory perspective if that makes sense.

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It’s a very low cost compared to other parks, as there is absolutely no admission fee. That’s right! None! If you go as an adult/parent/chaperone and you don’t want to ride anything, you don’t pay anything.
Parking is also free.
They do have special armbands for folks with disabilities. You have to go to the First Aid station which is in the heart of the park. There, you’ll complete a release form and get your armband.

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