10 Classic Cars for Your Wedding Day

Regardless of whether you are passionate about classic cars or not, the bride and groom should expect the best service from their wedding day transport to and from the venue.

These classic cars which will make sure you get in the church in time while also making a big impression on passers-by.

These classic cars will make your arrival an event that you will forever remember. The list below shows 10 classic cars for your wedding day.

1. Roesch Talbot
The drophead coupe came into emergence in 1933 and is among other different pre-war vehicles. This car features outstanding coachwork by Co and James Young. It has interior accommodation which is capable of holding a maximum of four adult passengers. The Roesch Talbot is a classic wedding car is capable of carrying three passengers and a chauffeur. It may also carry two passengers and a large wedding dress in case the car is being used in a wedding ceremony.

2. Daimler DB 18 Special Sports
This is the best car to consider picking if the bride wishes being seen in a serene open vehicle. There is a bride who wants having their dad beside her, and this is possible by using this kind of car. That in overall ends up radiating an elegance which is flowing all day long.

3. Vintage Rolls Royce
This car is rear-hinged to help in giving newlyweds easy access to an exit and enter the vehicle proudly on the wedding day. It is spacious in the rear and is thus offering enough led room.

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4. 1928 Chevrolet Capital
It comes from Home James Wedding Cars. It has various features including sets, tan-coloured roofs, gold metalwork, and ivory paintwork. The car is mostly driven after the removal of side window panes.

5. Badsworth Eden Rose
Painted in cream and navy, with the leather interior which is matching, it is a popular choice on the given wedding day. It is available from Ivory to Ebony wedding cars in Penarth in South Wales.

6. Fiat 500
The cuteness of this vehicle will help it in passing the ahhh! test. However, consider it if the bride’s gown is tight-fitting and has a minimal side. This is how dresses are naturally appearing in Italy.

7. Bently S
It is a luxury car which was introduced by Bentley Motors Limited from 1955 to 1959. It is present for hire from son and Wallis in Cambridge, which is the silver paintwork. A highly maintained vintage vibe and bodywork will be making the car one to be remembered by all your wedding guests.

8. Volkswagen Type 2
Feeling rebellious? The Volkswagen Type 2 brings personality and freedom of spirit to your wedding day. Stand out from the crowd in this style icon. There is nothing better than the bride stepping out using thrown-open barn doors which are having a gleaming Kombi.

9. Beauford Tourers
The beautiful Beauford Tourer Asquiths are crafted using hands to help in reflecting the grace and style of the 1930s. The roof will is all-weather convertible will help in keeping you dry, and snug in all elements as the sun is shining. You can, therefore, sit back, enjoying the occasions warmth.

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10. Daimler DS420 limousine
It is a national life fixture since 1968. It is still unbeatable and much pretty for use in a traditional wedding where subdued space and elegance, and a mixed decorum is called.

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